At La Unión we believe that for a company to succeed in the long term, it is not enough to simply comply with rules and laws; we must go one step further and put things in place that will be of value to society.

That is why, some years ago, we established our Corporate Social Responsibility Plan, aimed at doing our bit for the society of which we are part.

This CSR plan is made up of 3 courses of action:

  • Social Economic and Cultural Projects
  • Promoting healthy eating and sports
  • Respect for the environment

Social Economic and Cultural Projects

We are aware of the impact that our company has on society, and in addition to generating wealth and employment, we feel responsible for promoting the wellbeing of the people around us. We place a specific emphasis on helping disadvantaged groups such as people with disabilities and people at risk of both social exclusion and exclusion from the workplace.

Some of the initiatives currently in place:

Joining the United Nations Global Compact

In 2016 we adhered to the United Nations “Global Compact”, an initiative that proposes that companies around the world orient their strategies so as to be in line with the universal principles and values ​​of humanity.

Participation in Incorpora: La Caixa Foundation and NOESSO Foundation

The Incorpora agreement aims to promote, through policies and concrete actions, a greater incorporation into the working world of groups with more difficulties in finding work, such as people with disabilities, the long-term unemployed or female victims of gender violence. La Unión endeavours to give these people the opportunity to attend work placements at our facilities and become part of our company.

Participation in the Red Cross Employment Plan

We collaborate with the Red Cross through their labour training programme that enables the empowerment of young people to work in the agricultural sector. These young people will join the staff at La Unión, carrying out work experience that enables them to gain an insight into the professional world.

Caritas Agreement

Through a social agreement signed between La Unión and Cáritas, a charity organisation, a dozen people at risk of socio-labour exclusion will join La Unión’s workforce in order to acquire the skills necessary to enter the labor market.

Collaboration with the University of Almería Internship Programme

La Unión is committed to the University of Almería and the training of its students through various collaboration initiatives. At present we are part of the Icarus internship program, in which we give practical training students attending the University of Almeria.

Agricultural Agenda: MURGI Association

In 2015 the test run of the Agricultural Solidarity Agenda, of which La Unión is a sponsor, was presented in El Ejido. It is a project that connects two worlds: disability and agriculture. The Agricultural Agenda was designed as a notebook at the foot of the field, in which farmers can record the important data and references of their daily tasks.
Collaboration with the School and Family Foundation
We collaborate with the School and Family Foundation, sponsoring the different acts and events that the foundation performs in order to raise funds. The foundation provides a way for the many to effectively help numerous young people receive an adequate education in school, one which their family income would not otherwise permit.

Family Week in El Ejido

Since 2015, we have collaborated with El Ejido’s City Council in its Family Week, supporting various different events and educational workshops in our programme “Cultivating a healthy future”.

El Ejido Theater Festival

Yet another year, La Unión is a sponsor of the El Ejido Theater Festival (Almería), one of the main annual cultural shows in the province of Almería.

Food donations to the elderly

We take part in the community work carried out by Las Hermanitas de los Ancianos Desamparados, an organisation helping disadvantaged elderly people.
La Unión, as well as several agro-food companies in the province of Almería, provide food donations for their cause.

La Unión Junior

Promoting healthy eating and sports

At La Unión, our concern for the health and lifestyle choices of the society around us has led us to create a specific plan to raise awareness among children and parents about the importance of a healthy life, based on the consumption of fruit and vegetables alongside taking part in sports.
To this end, we hold different workshops, training sessions and activities related to education, sport, health and food.

At La Unión we emphasize the importance of promoting healthy eating habits, including fresh fruit, through the organisation of fun and motivating activities.
We have a plan of activities taking place during the course of the school year, which includes dynamic programmes in schools, sponsorship of sports activities, healthy breakfasts and also material for schoolchildren available on our website.

“Cultivating a Healthy Future” is the motto chosen for our “Junior Unión” school programme, which is dedicated to improving the health of schoolchildren by promoting healthy lifestyle choices, including awareness at a grassroots level of the need to incorporate fruit and vegetables into a child’s diet and the need to participate in sports. More than 3,000 students have participated since the programme was launched in 2016.

Sponsorship of Ejido FC’s youth teams

Since 2012 we have sponsored three youth teams belonging to the El Ejido CD football club, which compete in the Andalusian second division and honours league.

Sponsorship of El Ejido Basketball Club’s youth teams

El Ejido’s youth basketball teams shine in their uniforms, sponsored by LA UNIÓN in order to encourage child motivation, promote healthy lifestyles create a link with farming in a sport such as basketball.

Sponsorship of athlete Lundo Mendes

We support the Guinean athlete Lundo Mendes in his sports career. In the last year he has covered more than 2,000 kilometers in trials, marathons and half marathons across all of Spain.

Race Against Cancer Almerimar

Since 2014 we have been official sponsors of the Race against Cancer in Almerimar, contributing to the fight against cancer by showing our support for the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) in its magnificent social work.

Francisco Montoya Race

Since it first took place in 2011, La Unión sponsors this popular race held every year in El Ejido.