Another of the key pillars of La Unión’s CSR programme revolves around respect for the environment and the fight for a clean and waste-free world.
We are committed to a sustainable environment, where the impact we generate in doing our work is minimal. To achieve all this, we have in place a strategy, using which we align our efforts to move forward and achieve our goal. Some of the measures taken by La Unión in relation to the environment:

Photovoltaic Solar Power

In 2015 we adopted a photovoltaic energy procurement system, used in the processes that we carry out in our facilities at Polygon La Redonda. Taking advantage of energy from the Sun, an inexhaustible and renewable source, as well as the favourable placement of our facilities, we installed a total of five hundred solar panels on the outer surface of our commercial centers. These panels capture the sun’s energy and transform it into 100 KW. This makes up 10% of the energy needed to carry out our activity. With this we manage to reduce the use of energies from other sources, guaranteeing that where possible we seek to obtain energy from natural sources such as the Sun.

BIOVEGE (National Prize for Ecoembes)

BIOVEGE is a project led by La Unión, with the main objective being to develop new technologies and / or adapt existing ones in order to use efficiently, both in economic and environmental terms, horticultural waste generated during handling, transportation and sale.

Collaboration with the Andalusian Center for the Evaluation and Monitoring of Global Change (CAESCG)

At La Unión we collaborate in various activities with the Andalusian Center for the Evaluation and Monitoring of Global Change (CAESCG) and we are official sponsors of the book Sierra de Gádor, natural heritage and green infrastructure in Almeria. This book contains an exhaustive study of this region in which dozens of researchers showcase the natural richness of a mountain range bordering the Mediterranean Sea and Sierra Nevada.

API, Integrated crop production

The quality of food and the preservation of the environment are increasingly widespread concerns in our society, which leads to an increase in the demand for sustainable means of production in which productivity, safety, quality and environmentally friendly techniques converge. In order to achieve these objectives, La Unión has been making important commitments to Integrated Production as a sustainable production system that guarantees environmental protection, quality and job security for farmers and livestock breeders.